Friday, February 21, 2014

Grandma Singleton

My Grandma Singleton died March 15th. She had been fighting cancer the last 2 yrs. She was my role model.  I never heard her complain one time and she was sick often.  It seemed like we would take turns of who would be in the hospital. When they first found her cancer was when I was pregnant with Cael. It seemed like we were always in the hospital at the same time. I would go in for being so dehydrated or passing kidney stones and she would have to go in for another surgery or from being so sick from the chemo.  She decided to quit chemo a few months before they found my brain tumor. The chemo was making her so sick we all wondered if the chemo would kill her before the cancer. She was able to regain a lot of strength after she quit. In fact when I came to stay with my mom for those few months my grandma was right there helping me. I knew how tired she was and that she didn’t feel good but she would never tell me or let me know. All she wanted to do was help me. She would come help take care of the kids while my mom went to work. We would have not survived without her help.  I feel so lucky to have been able to spend that extra time with her. She was one amazing lady.

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