Friday, February 21, 2014

An Unexpected Blessing

I can't believe I am only a week away from having another baby.  In some ways it feels so unreal.  Most of the pregnancy I had to go through the motions just to get through it.  This  baby was, to say the least, quite the surprise.  When I found out I was pregnant I was scared to death of how I was going to get through it. Pregnancy and I do not mix.  With the other two I was so sick at first then there was always something to add to it like kidney stones that always made things interesting. Also with only being 9 months out from having brain surgery I was worried about how my body would handle it all. I was still trying to heal from the surgery and now my body was growing a baby.
However, with this pregnancy I have been so blessed. I was not nearly as sick this time around as I was with the previous two.  The hardest part was that I had to immediately stop taking all the medication I was on from brain surgery. The first month was really hard.  It was like I was going back to the first month of having surgery. I had a lot of headaches without the medicine, but as time went on the better I got and for the most part I am doing pretty well.  I have my bad days but I am learning how to deal with them.  I was also worried about when it came time for the delivery. I was told that I could push but not a lot of excessive pushing so I don't hurt anything in my head. It makes me nervous, but they are just going to let me labor and where it is my third baby my Dr. is hoping she will come out easily. Nevertheless, I am still a bit apprehensive.  Oh and I forgot to say it is girl. Cassidy and I are pretty excited, but Ben is still getting use to the idea of being out numbered in the house.  But we all know she will have him wrapped around her finger just like Cassidy does.


Shauna said...

you blogged!! Woot woot! You totally just made my day! Neat post!!!

Jessica said...

Yea!! Hope you are doing well!

Telsha Winger & fam said...

So excited for you and your family. Good luck!!