Friday, February 21, 2014


Ben finally made it to graduation day. We knew that Law School would be a long, hard road for the both of us. Hard for him with all the time and studying. Hard for the kids and I for never seeing him. He has been soooo amazing through this whole thing. We had no idea how hard it really was going to be. Starting with the end of his first year and into the second with me being so sick and pregnant with Cael. Then into his 3rd year with the brain tumor. He has not had it easy. But on top of it all he pulled out with amazing grades. His amazing determination and by the grace of God he was able to finish. Just one step left, the Bar the end of July.

We were able to fly back to Syracuse NY for his graduation. I was a little nervous of how I would handle the trip but it wasn’t bad at all. Ben's parents also came back with us. We had a ton of fun seeing our friends again. It almost felt like I never left. It is crazy to think how we will all now go our separate ways. Hope we will always stay in touch. After graduation we went down to NYC with Ben's parents. Had a ton of fun and at last made it to a Broadway show. Every time we went to NYC before we always had kids with us so it was hard to go. I finally was able to see Wicked. It was awesome, I would recommend it.

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