Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crazy Few Months

So it has been a long time since I updated my blog. Life has been to say the least a little crazy lately. First about 2 months ago we found out that Ben got an internship for the summer in Salt Lake. We have been so excited because this meant that we would be able to spend the summer in UT yea!!! The only hard part is the fact that we will only get to see Ben on the weekends because Cass and I will stay in Southern Utah with family. We will survive somehow. I figure it can't be any worse then it is now with how busy he is with school. This is a great opportunity and to top it off we get to be home for awhile.

The other crazy thing in our lives right now besides finals is we are pregnant. Yea!!!! We are so excited but only 13 weeks along and it has been quite the ride and not even half way through. This pregnancy I have been way sick. I was sick with Cassidy but not this bad. I took meds with her and it helped a lot. With this one I take meds and it only takes the edge off. At one point I got so sick and dehydrated that they put me in the hospital. Now that wasn't fun at all. At least it was only for 24 hrs, but it was a long 24 hrs. lol I am just so grateful at that point it wasn't during finals for Ben. He has been my life saver.

One surprise I got out of it all and wasn't expecting with all the other crazy things going on with my family at home was my mom flew out to help me for a couple days. Ben and my whole family kept it a secret that she was even coming. So one Saturday morning Ben tells me he was going to go to the store to get me some food so I would be okay while he went to school to study. Well 30 min later he comes back in the door with no food but, even better, my mom. Boy was i shocked. Of course Ben took pictures of me. I will only show you the one that doesn't show my face because I look so bad. It was so nice to have my mom come out and help me get back on my feet. It was so hard to see her leave. The only thing that made it easier was the fact that I was going to be able to come home a month later.

So that is what has been going on with us. Crazy but getting better. We now just have to survive finals and we get to go home yea!!!!!!!!!!


Ogden Family said...

I'm SOOOOO excited! So excited for the new baby and so excited for you to come home for a couple months. It's amazing how much I've missed you.

Jessilyn and Andrew Stagg said...

Your home! YEA! I can't wait to see you guys :) If you get too homesick for Ben over the summer you are more than welcome to stay with us.

Kristi said...

How are you doing now? And how has Utah been? I can't wait to hear what you guys are having! You'll have to keep us posted!

Telsha Winger & fam said...

Congratulations about being pregnant! Are you guys still around for a little while in St. George? We should get together. If you get a free sec call me and we can put together a play group :) It was fun seeing you in the store. Take care of yourself sorry you are so sick!