Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer came and went

Well...summer sure did fly by. We spent almost three months in Utah, and we are now back in Syracuse. We enjoyed our time and had a tun of fun with our friends and family. Ben enjoyed his internship in Salt lake. He enjoyed the lawyer he worked with, and he learned a ton from him. it was a good experience, but it was hard for both of us because we only seen each other on the weekend. We are very greatefull for all the people who helped us out (Sam and Kristine, and Jess and Andrew especially!!) When we left Syracuse, I was only 14 weeks pregnant, so we did not think we would find out what we were having until we went back to New York. But, thanks to a bought with Kidney Stones, I had to go to the hospital, and while I was there I had the doctor to take a peek. Kidney Stones are no joke...that was a lot of pain, but it was worth it to find out what we are having. Benjamin is getting his wish, can you believe it is a boy? I still have a hard time believing it and still wont until i see him with my own eyes. As you can tell we are very excited. we will now have one of each. All i can say about being pregnant with a boy is they seem to be a pain from the start...just kidding.

We where very busy playing this summer with lots going on. Of course we never miss the 24th of July festivities in Enterprise. If you have never attended it is highly recommended. Cassidy loved the parade. I don't think she has ever got so much candy at one time in her whole life. She walked away with a whole bucket full. They also have races and we had been practicing for this event for a month getting her all hyped up for it. Well when it came time for it she got all nervous to many people around her and wouldn't run. I was so sad she is a fast little runner.

While we were there, we Celebrated Cassidy birthday. I still cannot believe my little girl is 3. It really does seem like yesterday she was a baby. Of Course her request for her birthday cake was Elmo. That is the kind of cake she had for her last birthday and that is one of the things she didn't forget about her birthday last year. My family all went to Midvale to my Brother in law's family cabin for a couple of days. Cassidy birthday happen to land on the same weekend so it worked out great. We were able to celebrate it with my whole family. This year she realized what presents are, and she had so much fun opening them.

Uncle Luke trying to blow out her candles from across the table.

Cassidy pretty much wore out the 4 wheeler. I think everyday we spent in Enterprise cassidy demanded grandpa to give her a ride.


Andrew and Jessilyn Stagg said...

We miss you guys! It was fun to spend some time together this summer! Can't wait for Christmas to see the new little guy!

Ogden Family said...

I miss you already! The summer went WAY to quick and I didn't get to see you as much as I had hoped. You're just too popular so you had to spread your time around. Ü Can't wait to see you in a couple months when you have your new little man.

Jodi said...

HOw are you doing? I left you a message on FB, did you get it? Cute pictures!!