Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For Memorial Day weekend, we went to the Hughes family reunion at Kanosh canyon. It was a lot of fun. It was Cassidy's first time going camping. She loved it, but it was hard because all she wanted was to get down and put the dirt in her mouth, but we survived

Cassidy's first sucker


Jessica said...

Cute baby! I understand the camping thing...we've been twice this summer and poor Dylan, wanting so badly to get down and play/eat everything. I don't think he loves camping yet.

Kyle and Tiffany Christensen said...

Hey woman! didn't know you had this cute blog till it was linked with Jessica's! You are doing good on it! you better add me as your friend and I'll add you! How are things? I called you the other day- how was the first birthday party? Cassidy is so cute. Hope to see you soon!!!!
my blog is

Telsha said...

Hey Marsha, I found your blog from Shauna's. How are you guys doing? Camping looks so fun. We still have not taken Skylee we are slackers!! Your little one is a doll.

Kyle and Tiffany Christensen said...

Hey are you ever going to update this thing?

Kris said...

Hey Marsha!
It has seriously been a year since I blogged and I saw you left a post. Your blog is way cute and you have the most adorable naked baby pictures i have ever seen!
See you at thanksgiving!!